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Some of the great Menus

Continental platters available on request
'Hand Held' if required
Special requests catered for i.e. vegan, gluten - free

Breakfast Menu Examples

Fruit juice


Porridge with honey

Homemade Devon sausage
Cornish back bacon

Free range eggs

Fried Bread


Fresh fruit salad

Grilled tomatoes

Sautéd mushrooms

Welsh black pudding

Hash browns

Baked beans


Toast & Fresh Rolls

Preserves & Marmalade


Fresh ground coffee

10 tea selection

Fresh whole fruit

Lunch Menu Examples

Fish of the Day
[We have our own fishing boat so we know its good]

Salmon Fillet 
[Baked with pesto / lemon and butter]

'Coq -Au-Vin
[Ian's style - A delight!!]


Award winning "Cottage Pie" 

Braised beef in red wine & peppers ~
[Crispy Greek salad/buttered Jersey potatoes]

Carribean Chicken 'Jerk style' ~
[Coconut rissoto deep fried bananas/green salad]

Welsh lamb cutlets in Moroccan spices ~
[Cous Cous/Cucumber Riata]

Turkey Schnitzel, lemon butterfly, garlic mayo ~
[Carrot & raisin salad & Canary baby 'jackets']

Bar-B-Q spare ribs in honey & pineapple ~
[Coleslaw, fries]

Malay Chicken Curry ~
[Orange & lemon rice, poppodoms, tomatoes, red onion, apples]

Various juicy roasts ~
[All the trimmings] and our special sauces

Home Made Coriander and prawn fishcakes in a coconut crumb ~
[Sweet chilli dressing/ tomato & onion salad, Parmentier potatoes]

Various pastas

Yummy home made pies

Aussie Bar-B-Q & Salad bar
[Weather permitting]

Special requests catered for i.e. vegan, gluten - free

Vegetarian Menu Examples

Eastern Spicy Mushrooms ~
[Green lentil salad/carmargue rice]

Cheese & Nut 'Strudle' ~
[Tomato & olive sauce, crunchy Ciabata bread, mixed leaf salad]

Ratatouille with loads of garlic ~
[Lemon chick peas, crispy wedges]

3 cheese quiche ~
[Waldorf salad - chived potatoes]

Crispy fried Aubergine in 'Tempura' batter ~
[Pimento Provencale sauce]

Stuffed Bell Peppers With Wild Rice & Fruit ~
[Served with a minty yoghurt side]

Creamy 'Veggie' Crumble

Sweet Potato & Coconut and Chic Pea Curry

Roasted 'Sweet Pepper' & Saffron Rissoto

Grilled 'Veggie' Lasagne

Special requests catered for i.e. vegan, gluten - free

Desserts Menu Examples

Brioche & orange pudding with double lemon cream

'Crumbles' - The best!
Our speciality!! As endorsed by the crews

Hot apple Stollen cake & Clotted Cream

Banana/Chocolate 'Crepe' - Cornish ice cream

Syrup sponge - Devon custard

Jill's famous 'Tiramisu'

Rich chocolate cake with Yin/Yan sauce

Strawberries and Cream

Various cheesecakes

Bread & Butter pudding with 'Maple' ice cream

Sticky date pudding with lemon sorbet

Cheese platter & Celery

Ice Creams & Sorbets

Daily Menu Example

Full English Breakfast or Continental Breakfast

Lunch -
Grilled Tuna Steak 'Cajun style with lime dressing
Paprika beef with caraway dumplings
Aubergine and saffron rissoto
3 salads/ 3 veg and pots

Desserts - 
Sticky toffee and date pudding with butterscotch sauce
Exotic fruit pavlova

Afternoon Tea - 
Sweet chilli chicken 
Various toasties
Sandwiches with a twist
Home made cakes

10 Tea Selection
Fresh coffee
Orange Juice
Mineral Water


Breakfast ~ 
Orange juice 
Cereals and porridge 
Full cooked English 
Hot rolls, croissants, breads with preserves and cream cheese


Main Course - 
Loin of cod, sautéed and married with bananas 
Provencale sauce, cashew nuts and cheese gently baked in the oven

Braised West Country chunks of steak in a red wine jus  
with roasted peppers.

Spinach, walnut and blue cheese fusilli

Desserts - 
Apple & rhubarb crumble with creamy Devon custard

Black Forest fruit salad with ice cream

Cheese and celery with biscuits

Afternoon Tea -  
Prawn and red pepper vol-au-vents 
Mexican mushroom wraps 
Baked chocolate chip and Seville orange cheesecake

Served All Day - 
Freshly Brewed Coffee 
10 Tea Selection 
Mineral Water 
Famous Flapjacks 
(Juices by Arrangement).

Special requests catered for i.e. vegan, gluten - free

Favourites Menu Examples

Grilled "Ribeye"
 'Steak with fried watercress tarts, sprinkled with garlic & Madeira mushrooms.'

Mussel Delight
New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels, Red Pepper Soup/Stew
'A rich creamy heartening favourite served with warm olive bread'.

Smoked Haddock Pastry Creamies 
'A rich blend of Finnan Haddock, Swiss cheese sauce, fresh herbs & flaky pastry'
"Yummie" they say!

Thassian Lamb Shanks
'Tender lamb double cooked, & nestled with beans & lentils, chick peas 
on a tomato & mint jus'

Confused Chicken 
'Free Range chicken breast gently sautéd in olive oil, lemon & herbs topped 
with Somerset brie & prawns. Served with sweet potato cakes'.

Savoury Bread, Butter & Spinach Pudding
'With warm red onion & sherry marmalade'.

Crispy Veggie Pancakes Oriental
'Topped with a mild creamy curry & peanut sauce'.

Mediterranean Vegetable Tart
'Combination of aubergines, bell peppers & sundried tomatoes all encased in 'celery pastry' topped with Greek olives & Mozzarella, gently baked' - "you'll love it".

Tropical Sole Fillets
'West Country Sole - Rolled in passion fruit, baked with bananas, tomatoes, herbs 
& Macadania nuts - nestled on a bed of greens served with a lemon butterfly'.

Garlic Leg of Lamb
'Exmoor lamb 'shot' with garlic cloves, roasted with thyme - sliced and served 
with mint & potato scones - surrounded by lemon & sundried tomato Jus'.

West London Fish Crumble
'Loads of chunky cod, prawns & haddock in a parsley sauce
with a yummie fruit & mushy pea topping'.

Snake & Pigmy Pie
Yes it's one of our favourites - 'Steak & Kidney cooked to an old recipe (Circa 1920)
a real winter warmer so they say!'

So let us know your ideas/ requirements - when and where

We are probably the most flexible company around...Land or exploit our talents.

Special requests catered for i.e. vegan, gluten - free

Directors Menu

Tea and Coffee - served all day

Breakfast ~
Fresh orange juice
Seasonal fruit and cereals
Fully cooked "English platter"
Smoked salmon ~ scrambled eggs
Hot croissants filled with grilled chestnut mushrooms and fresh herbs

Lunch ~
Prawn and sweet pepper soup with sesame toast

Main Course ~
Char-grilled rib eye steak coated with a green peppercorn jus 
served with French beans and Jersey Royal potatoes

King Prawns pan fried in butter and garlic served on a bed of 
risotto rice with avocado/cherry tomato garnish and a lemon butterfly

'Kofta' kebabs with tabouleh served on a bed of rocket 
with minty yogurt sauce

Ratatouille topped with Swiss Gruyere served with 
crispy potato wedges and salad garnish

Dessert ~
Martine Stilton & Celery
Fresh strawberries & Cornish clotted cream
Brandy flamed crèps suzette

Afternoon Tea - 
Brie, aubergine and cranberry pizza
Double chocolate gateaux

Special requests catered for i.e. vegan, gluten - free

Wedding Menu Examples

We specialise in running hot and cold buffets creating a visually stunning array of food.
For examples see below.

Poached Salmon in Chablis
Served whole on mirrors

Large Fountains of King Prawns on Ice

Organic Cornish Turkey
Roasted with Sage

Whole Loin of Devon Beef
Gently Roasted with Thyme and Brandy

Hot Dish of the Day 
To Bride's Choice

All nestled amongst Crispy Salads and Sauces

Puddings of all shapes, sizes and calorie contents
Can be accompanied by our Chocolate Fountain and Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Ice Creams & Sorbets

Cheese platter & Celery

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