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Hi Ian & Jill,

I just wanted to thank you very much for the amazing catering you provided for our Asda shoot at the weekend. It really was outstanding.

It is very rare that the crew actually comment on how good something is (!) and they were all saying how much they enjoyed it.

The Banoffi Pie was my personal highlight and if it's not a trade secret, I'd love to get your recipe.

Thanks again for all your help and especially for helping us out with the fish-cooking.

We'll be in touch as soon as we know the next location and hope we can get you back again.

All the best

Kerry McKinnell

Production Manager
Yipp Films

Dear Ian,

I know that I'm only a lowly singer/actor, but I just wanted to let you know just how amazing and wonderful your food was during our time on location for "The Full Monteverdi" - lunch was one of the daily highlights for me (as indeed was the daily porridge), and I know that everyone else felt the same! Thank you so so much for helping to make the last three weeks such a gastronomic treat!

All best,

Anna Crookes

Dear Ian and Jill

How can we possibly thank you for all you did to make The Sultan's Elephant a success? The food you provided was always delicious, and was varied enough to make the members of Royal del Luxe and our own production team happy throughout quite a long and challenging fit-up, performance and post-production period. We know there were difficulties relating to the changing numbers and the constant demands for extra snacks etc etc, but you met than all with good humour and efficency, and we are very grateful. Please pass on our thanks to all your staff.

Best Wishes

Yours sincerely

Nicky Webb and Helen Marriage 
Artichoke Productions Ltd

Dear Ian and Jill

 Thank you so much for the wonderful catering services you provided for us in ‘not-so-sunny’ Devon on “Waters Rising”.
We all appreciated the variety of very different dishes over a four week period and cannot wait to sample them again on another production in the future!

As they say ‘an army marches on its stomach’ – certainly our little army were very happy little bunnies!
It made quite a difficult shoot much more bearable!

 Pat Bryan

Production Co-Ordinator


Dear Ian and Jill

So sorry not to get back for so long. It has been hetic throughout the post - and I have been setting up five other programmes for Flashback at the same time!

Things are calming down a little this week. We completed the edit last Friday and are just doing the post this week. All very exciting. I saw a rough version of the edit and it looked wonderful.

We would love to thank both you and Jill for looking after both cast and crew so well during our shoot in Bath. We were working under such a tight shcedule - one which was constantly over - running - and your were always able to work around us without complaint!

With a cast and crew working so hard it was so important that they had the energy to carry on. I had so much feedback from crew members about how they were being looked after. Particular favourites were the amazing home made puddings!!
It was also so wonderful to have a Sunday Roast. Mealtimes were a real morale booster. It was fun having you both around and I hope you felt part of the team. I look forward to having you on location again.

Many thanks

Cherry Brewer
Line Producer - Beau Brummell

"You made the Shoot - Many thanks" - Jemma Redgrave

4 years in a row for Springwatch!

"Wild Cuisine’s food is very tasty, served with a smile and always freshly prepared. 
Ian, Jill and their team are enthusiastic professionals who keep our production 
village well fed and happy"

Anne Varley - BBC Production Manager of "Britain Goes Wild" & "Springwatch"


"Superbly presented food of the highest quality - which kept everyone happy on this long 'shoot' - the line caught Cornish Mackeral from their own boat & then grilled on the beach Bar-B-Q, was a sheer delight"

Lindsay Hughes for "Nighty Night" - Baby Cow Productions


"A dedicated, professional, and simply delicious catering company!
The excellence of Wild Cuisine dishes have never failed to keep my crew happy "

Lauren Mott
Production Manager/Blink Productions

"The best food we have ever had on set!!" - G.M. of Lion TV London


''We will only use Wildcuisine'' - U.F.A. PRODUCTIONS/BERLIN

"Best cakes around" - Francis Rossi (Status Quo)

"Fast enough for Aston Martin" - Rose/Hackney/Baker

"Lovely home cooked food" - Blood of the Vikings (Julie J & Nicole BBC2)

"They surpassed our expectations - It was so cold the water froze, good for our skating scenes but made Ian & Jill's work even harder -They still laughed and turned out great food - it was like a restaurant on wheels"

"They did it and more!!" - LOGAN

"Not only did 'The Meat and Potato Pie' taste like Moms but the Sushi was great"
Dan Frank Producer LIGHTSHIP FILM & VIDEO 
for NAUI underwater films in the CAYMAN ISLANDS

"We have received notes and E-Mails of congratulation for what was accomplished and the press coverage largely reflects the success of the event. You were part of this and should take credit for the overall success"

Alan Jacobi "Imber" Unusual Services Ltd

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